The Canine Interpreter was born and educated in England where she was trained professionally to the highest level of dog training. Training along side some of the best trainers in England, both professionally and competitively using a natural, positive based educational training approach based upon the canine language. Developed from studying canine behaviour. Qualified while employed by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association as a trainer for 12 years in the U.K. More...

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Sandra Brown Canine Interpreter

Provides insights on how to teach new skills to your dog whilst teaching owners to Understand Their dogs from the canine perspective. All training is implemented using positive training techniques. It airs on National Geographic daily 7am and 6pm.

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"Playing with your dog on a daily basis, will develop the bond with your dog and this satisfies a basic need in your dog, only a few minutes a day will be enough to make your dog happy"

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